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Mettler Toledo® - XP2U - Microbalance

Mettler Toledo® - XP2U - Microbalance

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Mettler Toledo® - XP2U - Microbalance The METTLER TOLEDO XP2U is an innovative ultra-microbalance, providing optimal weighing performance, user friendliness and quality standards. The XP2U ...

Mettler Toledo® - XP2U - Microbalance

The METTLER TOLEDO XP2U is an innovative ultra-microbalance, providing optimal weighing performance, user friendliness and quality standards. The XP2U ultra-microbalance has a very high resolution: 21 million digits. A brilliant colored touch screen display, customized screen programming, intelligent user guidance, and hands-free infrared draft shield control make this highly-precise balance faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.METTLER TOLEDO XP2U ultra microbalance is designed to boost efficiency, reliability and supports network compatibility. 

Special Features:

  • World-leading weighing performance: The XP2U ultra micro balance reaches an unrevealed typical repeatability of 0.2 μg (at 0.2 g load) which is the key to cut your costs significantly
  • Intuitive handling: The terminal with its clearly structured and customizable colored touch-screen lends itself to simple, fast and faultless usage. Up to nine personalized operator settings can be configured
  • Audits passed easily: A set of built-in QM tools guarantees comprehensive data security and documentation and makes the XP2U ultra microbalance to the ideal instrument for regulatory environments
  • SmartSens: Hands-free operation for personnel security. The user can fully concentrate on the safe handling of samples to avoid spillage and minimize the risk of contamination
  • Connectivity: Pace-setting interfacing flexibility - including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless connection) and PS/2 - for efficient data capture and easy network integration
  • Integrated - U- anti-static kit (option): Driven by the motor, this option discharge static samples instantly without any risk of contamination
  • Colored display - with touch screen operation
  • SmartSens - two IR sensors for hands-free operation
  • 6 different pre-programmed applications (Basic weighing, Differential weighing, Statistics, Formulation, Percentage, Dynamic weighing)
  • SmartTrac: graphic weighing-in aid to track capacity and weighing tolerances
  • Up to 10 shortcut keys for special functions
  • 4 definable info fields for user and sample identification
  • In-built RS232C and two auxiliary interfaces for connecting a keyboard or additional IR sensor for hands-free operation
  • Slot for a second optional interface such as LocalCAN, Ethernet, RS232, USB, MiniMettler, Bluetooth or PS/2
  • Glass draft shield with automatic door opening
  • Replaceable display protective cover
  • Below-the-balance weighing facility
  • Weighing cell with overload protection
  • MinWeigh - definable minimum weights warning if the minimum weight requirement is violated (activated by local MT Service at your workplace)
  • proFACT, fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled adjustment with two internal weights
  • BalanceCheck – prompts when the next external test is required
  • 8 configurable user accounts with password protection
  • Configurable report file generation according to GxP
  • Storing and print out of adjustment and external test protocols incl. date and time, all system and weight parameters, test results and signature line
  • Specifications:
    Mettler Toledo - XP2U
    Capacity 2.1 g
    Readability 0.1 µg
    Pan Size 16mm / 0.63" Dia.
    Repeatability (at nominal load) 0.00025 mg
    Repeatability (at low load) 0.0002 mg (0.2 g)
    Linearity 0.001 mg
    Eccentric load deviation (test load)
    According to OIML R76
    0.0025 mg (1 g)
    Sensitivity offset 1.5 x 10-5
    Sensitivity temperature drift
    (In the temperature range 10 - 30°C)
    0.0001 %/°C
    Sensitivity stability
    (Stability of sensitivity as from first installation with FACT)
    0.0001 %/a
    Repeatability 0.00015 mg+2.5 x (10-8) · R_gr
    Differential linearity deviation (sd) √8 x (10-14) · g · R_nt
    Differential eccentric load deviation (sd) 8 x (10–7) . R_nt
    Sensitivity offset (sd)
    (In the temperature range 10 - 30°C)
    3 x (10-6) · R_nt
    Minimum weight (according to USP) 0.45 mg + 7.5 x (10–5) · R_gr
    Minimum weight (@ U=1 %, 2 sd) 0.03 mg + 5 x (10–6) · R_gr
    Settling time < 10 Sec