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Aaron 1250-G Generator

Aaron 1250-G Generator

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  The Aaron 1250-G Generator features the smoke evacuation system with the A125U and a mobile stand making it ideal for the OB/GYN pratice. The Aaron 1250-G Generator also features a loop elec...


The Aaron 1250-G Generator features the smoke evacuation system with the A125U and a mobile stand making it ideal for the OB/GYN pratice. The Aaron 1250-G Generator also features a loop electrode kit or the 5 most popular loops and a smoke evacuator hose fitting for attaching a vaginal speculum. The Aaron 1250-G Generator features isolated power to also ensure user and patient safety and offers up to 120 watts in Cut mode, Blended Cut mode and Pinpoint Coagulation mode. The Aaron 1250-G is simple to use thanks to the easy-touch, color coded membrane pads, and the compact front panel containing all user controls and outputs. The ergonomic arrangement of the operating functions with the large rotary dial, provide quick operating mode selections and smooth power adjusting with the popular option to adjust the power from the handpiece as an inclusive feature.

The Aaron 1250-G High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator, features a non absorbent, non-staining, high impact ABS enclosure for simple cleanup as well as liquid resistant membrane switches than can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, saving staff time without compromising patient safety. The Bovie Aaron 1250-G High Frequency Generator includes the electrosurgery unit itself as well as a plethora of accessories. For more information see the FEATURES tab above.



OB/GYN Electrosurgical System

  • Ideal for OBGYN office
  • Hose reducer fitting for attaching vaginal speculum
  • ESLK kit includes the most popular loops for OB/GYN

Unit Includes

  • A1250U Electrosurgical Generator
  • SE01 Smoke shark with pneumatic footswitch
  • ESP1 Sterile disposable pencil
  • One of each disposable electrodes, ES01 blade, ES02 needle, and ES20 ball
  • A1252C Reusable grounding pad
  • SF18 18-Hour filter
  • 786T 7/8" tube 6' long
  • SERF Reducer fitting
  • ESMS mobile stand
  • ESMS-B Bottom tray
  • ESLK electrosurgical kit
  • ESRE-1 5 Sterile disposable split grounding pad

A1250U Features

  • Five modes - cut, blend, coagulation, fulguration and bipolar
  • Bovie neural electrode monitoring (NEM) with descrete output for safety
  • Digital error detection for user and patient safety
  • Automatic safety features include self-test circuits, audible tones, discreet outputs, isolated circuitry
  • Monopolar and bipolar functions
  • Offers two levels of coagulation, pinpoint and fulguration
  • Power output in watts on large, illuminated displays
  • Electrode fault alarms in both sensing and non-sensing modes
  • Rotary power-control dial provides smooth, rapid power adjustments

Smoke Shark Features

  • For effective operative site smoke and particle control
  • Great for electrosurgery, OBGYN procedures and with laser procedures
  • Easy to operate


Bovie Aaron A1250G OB/GYN Total Electrosurgical System

Generator Dimensions:

11.75" x 10.25" x 6" (LxHxW)

Generator Line Frequency:

50-60 Hz

Generator Line Voltage

(Model: A1250U-G)
120V AC +/- 10%

Generator Line Voltage

(Model: A1250U-G-220)
220V AC +/- 10%

Generator Output Frequency:

350-800 kHz

Generator Output Power:

Cut: 120 watts, Blend: 90 watts, Coagulation (Pinpoint): 80 watts, Fulguration (Spray): 40 watts, Bipolar: 30 watts

Generator Unit Weight:

12 lbs (5.5 kg) without stand

Smoke Shark Dimensions:

18.25 x 7 x 11.75 inches (LxWxH)

Smoke Shark Line Frequency:

50-60 Hz

Smoke Shark Line Voltage:

120V AC +/- 10 percent

Smoke Shark Weight:

<14 lbs (6.5 kg)


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